The Company has sources various direct suppliers that produce Halal Beef to meet the Islamic Standards required. 
 This will be a joint venture between Malaysia business operation headed
 by Prema Surej who is a Direcector of Select Concepts Australia and is
 heading up the importing of the Beef and Lamp to the interested parties.
 Once the agreements are finalised Malaysia partners will have 45% share
 Holding and Select Concepts (Australia) Pty Ltd with 65% share holding.

 Prema Surej has extensive public relations both in Malaysia, Bangladesh
 and other countries that extending from General workers, Bureaucrates,
 Parliamentarians , Politicions and General Business.

 The business model is well on its way and expect to commence export of
 Halal Beef and Lamb to designated markets within Malaysia and
 Bangladesh and other interested Countries being sourced out of Malaysia.

 Once these markets estblished the Group will look at other products to
 export from Australia into these markets.

 We are currently woprking with a Company in Tasmania who will be
 supporting and arranging supply of such commodities.


 This chart shows the different Beef Cuts
  Its packed and sent as either Fresh or Frozen
  Ready for the Overseas Market.
Halal - Lamb
The Company has sourced various direct suppliers that produce Halal Lamb to meet the Islamic Standards required. Its packed and sent as either Fresh or Frozen Ready for the Overseas Market.

Prema Surej - Director Select Concepts(Australia) Pty Ltd

 Surej will play a very important role in this as he will in the Companies
 interest ensure the export and import of goods is well cared for in Malaysia.
 His relational with Dato Hanif is second to none and they have developed a
 business relationship over may years.

Desmond Beer - CEO of Select Concepts ( Australia) Pty Ltd

Desmond will set up Australian operation with suppliers at wholesale level direct from the supply chain at the best prices available.

Structure of Company here in Australia will be done by Select Concepts team
and we see this ready for operation early May 2017.